Hey all,

My name is Walter Rutherford and I’m a lifelong Alaskan, born right here in Fairbanks. I have a BS degree in Computer Science and work as a Systems Analyst, first at the Geophysical Institute and now at the Rasmuson Library. I have created fairly basic webpages before but manually with a text editor (Ugh), never using a dedicated program, so I’m looking forward to seeing how much more I can accomplish using design software.

I just got back from my first vacation out of state in many years. I went to St Louis Missouri because when I was planning the vacation I picked a city and state I hadn’t seen before. I also saw that there would be a total eclipse at the same time – sold! Sorry, the pics I took during the eclipse with my phone didn’t turn out, but trust me, it was pretty cool.



  1. I remember building web pages with a text editor back in the day – Notepad even! Those were the days when the Web was young, to be sure. Of course, it is still possible to build websites by hand today, but it would take so much longer than building on an existing platform or framework. This is why I thought I’d get everyone into Weebly to use as a web space. My hope is that it gives us the opportunity to focus more on the visual design of our page/site and less on the technical and structural details of writing the code.

    You’re very lucky to have been able to see the eclipse! Were you in the city for the actual event?

    1. The best location was supposed to be halfway between St Louis and Kansas City. I drove about halfway and parjed at a truck stop. But clouds started rolling in from KC. Then a couple that drove in said KC was having a thunderstorm. Uh-oh! So I got back on the road and tried to beat the storm clouds. I pulled over at another truck stop so that I wouldn’t be driving and unable to see during the eclipse.
      This was a lucky break. A lady parked there with her family had spare eclipse glasses and, long story short, even though clouds kept rolling in and completely blocking the sun, they rolled out of the way literally about three minutes before the total eclipse. Perfect spot to see it!

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