I really like the layout of  https://www.jinx.com/

While the whole site is vivid and eye catching, the part I like the most about this layout is the stationary side bar. No matter how far down you scroll on the page it follows so that you can jump to any section of the site at anytime. I really believe that this helps the flow of the site exponentially.

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  1. Nice find! The stationary navigation on the left of the page is a really nice feature of this site. I think this site is really successful as an example of good storytelling too. They creators of the site have done really well creating a particular look for the site that is cohesive from page to page and with the products they are selling. Best of all is the backstory they tell about the brand. They really packed a lot into a single scroll page and made it really interesting to interact with, https://www.jinx.com/page/the_signal.

    The site also does a nice job keeping navigation consistent and easy simple. Menus are clearly organized and uncluttered.

    The page layouts make great use of a layout grid that keeps content easy to scan yet visually interesting.


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