The website I have chosen is It’s a site completely dedicated to teaching others how to cosplay and is mainly taught through YouTube and Twitch tutorials.

The home page of this website is constantly changing with added content, but currently displays 19 images, totaling at 1,185KB. Of these images, 1 is for the background, 3 are cycling on a banner, 7 are listed episodes, 7 are logos and 1 is a smiley emote.

With the pictures disabled, the website is still usable, however, now there are a few spots with floating text that no longer make sense without their attached photo. Also, a few links have now disappeared with the pictures that they were linked to.

I personally love the way that this website looks, the pictures grab my attention and make me want to watch each and every episode. (Which I have.) If this was my site, I would try to find a way to attach those spiritic links to something else, perhaps a button, or text. As for the random floating text, perhaps changing them to a descriptive sentence instead of just a singular word would help them make sense when pictured are disabled or unable to appear.




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  1. Great site! I really like how the site you chose tried to hook viewers with their images by making them a little quirky and unexpected. I got very distracted by the Foamsmith projects particularly.


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