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I think this site is interesting and very catchy but easily navigated. I did happen across this site because I broke my leg and was looking for possible aides. Its informative and really showcases their product. Its not an exotic   site but useful and I like the way it loads nicely and the navigation worked very well.

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  1. Wow, I wish I had come across this website when I had broken my ankle. What an interesting solution to non-weightbearing casts! I’m so sorry to hear you broke your leg and I hope you’re on the mend now.

    One of the aspects of this site that jumps out at me immediately is how quickly I’m able to understand what this (new) product is and how it might help me. They do an effective job of presenting viewers with images of people using their device, looking happy and strong. They way the images are presented, using a gridded layout, helps to keep the page feeling organized and less cluttered too.

    The primary menu on the site is one thing I puzzle at. Things seem pretty easy to find on this site, but the dropdown navigation tends to break conventions by using long titles. Maybe that is on purpose and why it is so easy to locate information on the site. Normally I would discourage links in menus that wrap to a second line.


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