Iceland has a special place in my heart, and traveling in Iceland is what made me feel comfortable enough to move to Anchorage sight unseen. They share very similar climates, and some of the same incredible natural features.

I created a tourism site for Iceland using some of the images from my trip there. Because it is primarily designed with trip planning in mind, it is more likely to viewed on a monitor or tablet, rather than a phone.

I should have build a longer page, because as it is now, it only has three items featured on the main page, and the rest of the (imagined) site is hidden in the menu drop downs. I tend to like clean websites. If I were redoing it from scratch I would probably eliminate the banner and Polaroid-style menu almost entirely and go with a small header, text-only menu and put more varied options on the main page to draw users in to dig deeper and utilize the menus. I also don’t feel it captured the lovely quirkiness of Iceland as much as I’d like. The only illusion to that is the “Traffic Conditions” with the jiggly sheep butts video featured.



  1. Your pictures are amazing. The layout is simple and speaks to a traveling audience. The color scheme is inviting and easy on the eyes. If I had to critique something the footer image could be less wavy or gradient. But that is only my perspective. I really want to visit Iceland based off your images. Thanks for sharing.


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