I created this website for a online modest fashion clothing store I someday hope to own. It will sell dresses, skirts, blouses and accessories. I designed this website mostly for a younger group of females. I think this website will be used on both computers and mobile devices because it is marketed to a younger audience.

I think my first reaction to this site would be it is simple to navigate. Some of the sites I have been looking at are so difficult to navigate and sometimes you don’t figure out the meaning of the site without a couple clicks around. This was very true of the Pharrell Williams site. I think my site is very obvious with its intentions from the front page. As far as print goes I think the print “where cute clothes and modesty meet’ could be bolder and bigger because it is hard to read. I am also not completely sold on the colors. I like the bright turquoise and Purple but the mint is not really going with the combinations. I need to try more of a complement of the turquoise and go for a lighter turquoise blue. I played around with the color wheel a little bit and it looks like this would work much better.

I chose a simple concept and wanted it to have bright colors and have pictures of what I am planning to offer.  I have seen many modest clothing stores where there is too much stuff on the front page and it can be very difficult to navigate. I wanted the opposite of this. I might have attained my wants too much, because I think it is missing some pazazz, but I can keep working on it.


  1. I think the webpage conveys exactly what you want it to. The mint color isn’t my favorite but it’s really not too distracting – I’ve seen much worse. And I’m also not your target clientele. My only negative critique would be that the bottom part of the page looks like it’s transparent, unless the checkerboard is part of the design. Either way I’d change that. But otherwise, even though I’m not interested in women’s clothing, it’s an interesting “playful” enough page that I still might click a few links out of curiosity.

    Avatar photo Walter
  2. Since this page was designed for younger clientele I would use that type of an image on the “homepage” and change the image you selected to the “About” page. That way the user could quickly identify the items your trying to sell is for the younger generation. The font choice and colors are fun. You could always add a yellow to make stuff pop if your searching for a color to help finish the design. I really impressed with the idea, and layout to help bring in a more inspiring dressed youth.


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