Yet again, I have gone with the :less is more” approach.
I have always used red and blue for the F5 logo and felt a more metallic look to the site would be more appropriate. A site like this really just needs a simply look, eventually I would like to see the buttons change colors when a pointer moves over, but my software was limited at the moment, for now it works.

I have a behind the scenes section that will eventually grow with more content (videos and such) showing how the trailers were produced, giving others the ability to learn. The site has an easy to use navigation bar at the top, and also a sitemap which can be accessed at the bottom of any page.   The contact page is also really easy to use if anyone has any questions. I included a simple captcha element to filter out most bots. Eventually much of the navigation and interactive elements such as the pop up images (when you click on them) will all be replaced with flash and fireworks elements for clarity and of course make the page itself easier on the eyes

The page will have many embedded videos on our Current Projects page, linking this page to our F5 Studios channel on YouTube, the HTML code provided by that site will make it very simple to load our page with our past projects as well as future projects.   Facebook will also be another source to bring fans and possibly other talent to our page and one day once we have a firm foundation to work on, customers to produce projects for.

I wanted something to advertise not just the page, but also the projects that are currently being produce by F5.   So rather than having a company logo at the top left or center, I went with a sliding banner centered at the top of the page.

When fully published, this site with glow with media and scream for attention from all sources of entertainment and production seekers….so I hope 🙂   Lots of fun to watch projects on the page, enjoy them!



  1. I love the simplicity of your site, it is both stunning and refined. Your less is more approach payed off well for you. The only criticism I have for your site is in all of the dead space on the sides, or is that where you will be embedding the video content?

    This is a site that I would definitely end up checking out, it is eye catching and the subject interests me as well. Great job!

    1. Thanks!!!

      It’s funny you mention the sides, that was my only dilemma I really had a hard time with and in a way still trying to figure out what to do with it. The site isnt 100% mobile ready but it can be viewed view a mobile device. But those sides, I’m thinking thats what I’m going to have to do (put media there) or rearrange the page to tale up most of the space. Either way a fun challenge haha. I think once I get Dreamweaver open, it will provide more freedom in cropping and moving some things around. Last time I used DW was CS3 I beleive, now I’m straight to DW CC. So its quite the learning curve. Hungry to learn though 🙂

      Thanks for the input!!!


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