My webpage mockup is for my site talking about the vacations my family has taken. We have been very lucky to take several vacation to Walt Disney World and Hawaii, as well as vacations to Disneyland and Arizona. This site is for those who want to learn about these places from the perspective of an Alaskan family – what to expect, things to do, how each place was for taking kids of different ages. For WDW, our first big family trip with both kids, my son was only 22 months – there is a lot of advice and different strategies when a child is that young at Disney that I think others would like to know. This site takes what we do now for co-workers, friends and family to help them plan vacations – and puts it online for others to use as well.

Looking at the mockup, I felt sticking to one font wasn’t doing justice to the locations. I went back and changed up some of the fonts to better showcase the locations with the text as well as the image. For Disney – I had to use Waltograph, a free font of Disney script. I went through the entire list of fonts available in Adobe Illustrator looking for other fonts for Maui and Arizona that I felt provided a visual to help define the location. I also decided to remove the years from under the location names, as I ultimately found them distracting. I want the photos to help tell the story for each location, so I want the site to help them stand out as well as be easy to navigate and uncluttered.

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