This site is designed to present my budding side photography business. I’d like the user to go to this homepage and be impressed with the images and services I offer. They should easily be able to navigate to the different styles of photography I offer and see examples of these types as well. I do want the header menu system and the footer to follow on each page.

Self-critiquing is pretty difficult since I’m the one who initially designed this site mockup for my photography site. My gut reaction is a little confusion between being an artistic site designed to show off some really cool pictures and being a site to solicit photography interest from business purposes. (or to simply offset equipment expenses).

Beginning Site for 5A submission

I do like the layout with photo categories I have but not sure I like all the images selected for the groups. Being I’m based in Fairbanks, I would like to have more of a focus on local images and what I can do. The Grand Canyon and the shark are cool but I might be able to find more applicable to local interests. The business and events image is too dark and may leave the viewer wondering what that is? (welder in Healy coal plant).


Final submission for Unit 5

The instructor’s comments about the font I chose pointed out that it might not look good in smaller size and on other devices. I’ve explored some other popular/universal web common use fonts and changed it to Tahoma. I think the site looks more professional with this change. I also added a aperture picture after my name and changed the font on the quote to more handwriting style.

I added a neutral color to the background and I liked the effect better. It felt too stark with the white so I put a tannish color in but soon found out I had to re-edit my rainbow aperture to remove the background white color.

Overall, I’m pleased with the changes and think the overall site home page is much nicer looking. I’d like to play with some of the images for business and nature more later.

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