Travel Mockup Webpage
Travel Mockup Webpage

Who doesn’t like to travel?    The mock up page I created was based on traveling to a destination that is remote and much of a secret to the world for finding outdoor adventures, right here in Alaska. I tried to put enough information, but leave out some just in case my perspective to invite isn’t connecting with others. Did you ask questions? I’m hoping you did, so the reaction as the reader would be to click on another tab to find out more about our region.

I put enough information to tease the reader, yet topics to navigate more information. This would benefit mobile devices, although it would increase data usage if the images are not properly sized. I think I would link the, “Popular Activities’ subcategories to addition information about their topics to help the reader guide them through their internalized excitement of finding a new travel destination. Travel content can be tricky displaying too much information upfront, or just trying to “snag’ a fish or reader in this case, to reel them into reading your webpage.

Since the images are scaled back to a thumbnail style on the description of activities, I think I would also hyperlink the images to be able to expand into a larger image for viewing incase the reader wanted to explore the details of the image. The internet is now about clicking and not as much about reading, so we have to take advantage of both to sell the product, yet write enough to entice the reader to continuing viewing the page.

The audience for this page would be geared to people who take and travel off the beaten path. Tags on images to help lead readers to view the site via google search engines also should be evaluated. For the accessible readers, each image, titles, and subtitles need to have descriptions added and tagged for the viewer in case they were using an assisted program like “Jaws.’

Please send me your thoughts about this page as you review it. I was thinking the home page should have a few more pictures rotating to help add to the excitement of viewing more of the region. I had made a few adjustments from the submitted homework version. For example, I didn’t have the map, and I added some more text to the descriptions. I also shaded the side borders to match the outline of the logo, whereas the original was a light grey. What do you think?


  1. Nicely done. The page immediately tells you it’s an Alaskan site. The layout is uncluttered and feels familiar with
    navigation links where you expect to find them. I’d just caution to check spelling more carefully. It’s a pet peeve of
    a lot of people, (myself included), especially for a professional site.

    Avatar photo Walter
    1. Thanks for the tip. I reloaded the page to not have spelling errors. This is a huge marketing error on my part. When there are websites with misspellings it makes me think they may not be valid.


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