I created a webpage mock-up for my cosplay site – Arlianna Cosplay. It will be a photo heavy site focusing mainly on the photo gallery and lots of YouTube tutorials. The site will be viewed mostly by my fellow nerdlings, cosplayers/crafters and anyone else who may be interested in the wonderful fandom that is cosplay.

It is my belief that this site will be viewed mainly on the computer to display the photo gallery at its best, however it will need to flow well when viewed on mobile devices also as this page would be linked to my very real Facebook cosplay site.

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  1. Very nicely done. For anything but a fantasy/cosplay site the color would be too much, but in this case they’re just right. You’ve obviously spent some time with this. It looked so much like a live website that I found myself rolling the cursor over the “links” on the left to see if they worked!

    Avatar photo Walter

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