The mock up webpage I made was for a family blog that we have considered doing. Probably the only people who would look at it would be distant family and friends. It would be a place for us to share what is happening in our lives without posting it on our Facebook accounts. Because we both try to keep our Facebooks family-friendly and professional, it would be nice to have a place to be more real.

I really liked the simple order of Dansky’s layout so I chose to keep it. I tried for a more modern and fun theme since this would be a place to let loose and express our thoughts and feelings, and not used for business purposes at all. It would convert pretty easily to a mobile format. The navigation bar would still be at the top and the rotating photo banner. The thumbnails would display stacked instead of beside each other. I would want to make sure it was just as easy to access on a phone as on a computer.

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