This is my final layout for my website: Wesly’s PC Repair.  

This site is intended to be a store and service where people can order electronic and computer parts online, order at home PC repair services, or find out info about our business like where they can visit the physical store and when. The site is intended for wide audiences, such as people with extensive computer knowledge who are seeking parts, or for people who don’t have extensive computer knowledge and would like help with something related to this.

I went for a minimal/compact design because it makes it easier to navigate and find things. The banner, basic contact info, and buttons at the top are small so they are all in one, easy to find area that you see when you enter the  page. The banner includes a wrench and a screwdriver because these are common repair tools and they symbolize the purpose of the site. The gray background makes the page a bit easier to look at and contrasts with the buttons and boxes so they stick out more and catch your eye. I chose blue for some of the font because it sticks out in white while looking appealing.

What the business and site mainly offers are services and products, so those are the first two buttons with drop down menus (which would have categories that display in the drop down menu when you click on it). The “About Us” button would link to a page with background information, our reputation, customer reviews, our address, phone number, and a bit of the history behind the business. The “Business Hours” would link to a page that would have a chart for business hours and a calendar for when the business is closed on special occasions such as holidays. The search box is simply for searching  for specific products or topics across the site. Customers can login or register to save their cart, checkout information and address, and loyalty rewards like a normal online vendor.

I chose to display the “New Items In Stock” and “Back In Stock” items in big boxes so customers can immediately see if an item of interest has been added or restocked. The “New Items In Stock” and “Back In Stock” boxes are also links to pages displaying the most recent items to be stocked or added. I chose common items that are used in PC repair and maintenance for the images. At the bottom in big boxes is the “What We Offer” section which displays popular services we offer (These boxes would be changed occasionally to display other services). The two services displayed are two common services that a lot of PC repair companies offer which is why I chose them. I chose the images because they look appealing or offer an idea as to what these services entail. Like the above section, the “What We Offer” box can be clicked on as a link to another page that displays all services the company offers. On the left side is a button to contact live customer support, which will be on every page of the site. This is for if people are having trouble with the site, understanding something, having trouble with purchases, or have an issue that cannot be resolved with our offered services.

I tried to make the site simple and easy to use so that anyone could use this site without problems and find what they are looking for whether they are browsing from a computer or a mobile device.




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