I used a very simple layout. ┬á I’m not to familiar with Adobe Illustrator yet, so I really just altered what the tutorials did, so that I could have my own version and not just a replica ­čÖé

My objective to this site is to get my visitors involved right when they load the page, showing them how the content is created and what the finished product looks like with links to our YouTube channel. The “Behind the Scenes” images to the left and right of the video links would pop out onto a canvas showing the full res picture rather than just a thumbnail image, maybe even incorporate a video of how some of the editing was done, something to keep my visitors entertained and curious for more! ┬á Each media popup would keep them on our page and not redirect them to other sites.

The color scheme is very mellow and not in your face, I want the media to pop out and not the EXTREME crazy colors around the borders and elements. Pretty basic navigation to the top right of the page with a “Search” link to search for anything on the page if needed.
I used sprites on the bottom right corner which would link to our facebook, youtube and other social media pages.

The banner is pretty straight forward, with a brief description of our site followed by a longer explanation of F5 in between the media on the page. The  carousel would switch ever few seconds with any content we felt that was needed, possible our most current projects along with one or two from the past that we have completed, along with slider buttons and arrows that you could use to select any banner you wish to review.

Thank you,
John Clark

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