The web page I had decided to do was the idea of a family blog that my husband and I have been throwing around. Because we live in Alaska, our family in the lower 48s has pretty limited access to see what is going on in our lives. We thought about making a site like this where we can blog or vlog that is not Facebook. Not everyone on my friends list would appreciate the random life updates littering their feed, so this would be a way to share what is going on in a more practical way.

I really liked my original mock-up, but as I reached the end of the semester I realized that it needed a little makeover. I started with getting out dozens of ruler lines and making everything symmetrical and straight. I struggled with this the first time, but had no trouble cleaning up the webpage this time.

I fell in love with this picture of the northern lights and used it in another website I made this semester for a different class. I decided to use it again for this one. If this were a working website, it would bring some uniformity to visit a 2nd site of mine with a similar theme.

I changed some of the pictures, made the thumbnails 30 pixels bigger in height and length so they would fit more naturally on the longer webpage. Added a footer to the bottom to make it feel more like a “real” site.

I also added a search bar. The top of my page just seemed empty, so I thought a search bar would look nice there. Besides, being able to search for certain blog posts would make a site like this much easier to navigate.

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