My final design. I changed the navigation to include fewer items on the index page. Pool information page would cover pool rules, ticket location and information about the game. History link would have any information from previous years including winners, ice info, actual history of the Nenana Ice Classic.

The main body of the website would naturally change depending on the season of the ice classic. Currently the new poster and pin are the new as well as info to direct people to history and tickets.

Because the links are text based people with special needs would be able to easily access them with accessibility programs.

The sub pages would be similarly set up with links to some of the information now provided on the index page on the current website.

Under history would links to ice history, when the ice went out, history of the game, organization, past winners, photos etc.

Under Pool information would be links to ticket locations, example tickets, rules link for individuals as well as group tickets, how to get tickets by mail etc.

Under Shop would be links to purchase all the merchandise the NIC sells including posters, pins, hats, cups, cozies, blankets etc.

Every link was on the home page before.   I would also add a link to the web cam which I didn’t have access to put it my mockup.   This would give 24/7 visual of the river conditions as well as exact moment the river goes out. Soon that would be the big deal and be front and center of the index page.

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