Travel Mock website

This site is designed to attract people from around the world to Southwest Alaska. If you click on the image it will take you to the mock page on Weebly to show the different pages that are linked to the home page. I wanted basic layout with lots of white space to draw the viewer into what is offered in Southwest Alaska.

The navigational menu was simple to layout as there are not too many topics to add that will grab the viewers’ attention. Yet viewers always want to know what can be done so this would be a bread crumb affect to keep the viewer interested at the site.

The only additional pieces would to create an audible with animal sounds that someone could listen too as if they were in that destination. This would have a player with a short ten second clip for each local animal.

To optimize the page layout, I took the images and compressed the webpage in Fireworks and the photos in Photoshop. This gave the best overall compressed file. The mocked webpage at Weebly is enlarged due to the limitations the site has to add an image. I tired to break it up and use the templates, but the overall settings and frames would just not give to what I needed to customize this format. Instead I uploaded the .gif file to the template and added white space, but it is still a bit enlarged. The navigation menu works if you want to try it out.

To make this a working website, I would use a program like Adobe Dreamweaver that will let you code to get the layout and dimensions exact. I’m sure there are others out there, but it seems there is a cost involved at any advance techniques used.

I also added two hidden pages that can be found when going through the site. These are not on the navigation menu. One page is of images, and the other is a slide show of images. I hope you enjoy and see what the Southwest region of Alaska has to offer at Masked Travel.

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