PART 1: Your Introduction

You may get a sense that we will be setting up and using a number of accounts around the web for this class. Once we have everything set up it won’t seem like so many, but in the beginning I recommend keeping close track of new login URLs, usernames, and passwords. This will make your life more simple throughout the semester.

Your Introduction to the Class

Log into this website and introduce yourself to the class. Share with us:

  • what part of the world you are from,
  • why you are taking this course, and
  • something specific you hope to learn this semester.

Feel free to include images, audio, and/or video in your introduction if you’re so inspired.

Remember that you should have already been added as an author to the class website. You can login with your UA username and password. These are the same as you use to log into your UAF email.

    1. Follow the link to the Login page at the bottom of the page, or go to
    2. Create a New Post. Include a Title, post text, and add your post to the “Introductions” category.
    3. Publish your post.

New posts will appear on the front page of this site.

You may notice older posts from previous classes if you decide to explore the site. I’ve decided to keep past semester’s posts so you can see what people submitted in earlier semester. Some of the assignment details may have changed, but I still think you may find it interesting to see the work of other students.

A screenshot of the homepagePART 2: Your Web Space

Make sure you have read and watched ALL of the material provided in Lesson 1. In this lesson you learned that domain names are the names that identify websites as a unique locations on the web. ¬†You see domain names ending in .com, .net, .org, .mil, etc… Now you are going to register your own web space on Weebly has a free plan that allows you to reserve a webspace with a URL similar to When you reserve a web space here you will replace “yourdomain” with something unique to your interests. As an example, my Weebly site for this class is

  1. Think about a website URL you want for your class website.
  2. Go to, sign up for an account, and reserve that web space.

If you get stuck signing up for an account, please email me. Just be sure NOT to sign up for extra services.

You do not have to customize your web space yet, but definitely click around and try thing out if you’re interested in seeing what it can do.

To complete this assignment for credit you must submit your assignment through UAF Blackboard.

  1. Log into Blackboard and go to CITS F221 TXA Grphcs and Mltmdia for the Web
  2. Click on Assignments
  3. Go to 01 Intro and Web Space

Submit your Weebly site URL with Assignment 01.