Select a favorite web site (or maybe not so favorite):

1. Create a post on the class website that critiques that site’s use of images. Please included the following in your critique:

  • A link to the site and a screen shot of the page you are writing about
  • Why did you choose this site?
  • Identify how many images are used on the Home page of the site and determine their cumulative file size (use the Web Developer extension in your browser to do this)
  • What purpose(s) are the images serving on the page?
  • Are you still able to navigate the site with the images turned off? (Use the Web Developer extension)
  • What are your thoughts on how successful the use of images is on this site?

Once you have published your critique on the class website, submit the link to your post to me using the 02 Raster Images and Color Assignment in Blackboard.

3. Browse website inspiration on the Behance Network. This week I want you to specifically look for websites that make interesting and/or effective use of images.

4. Spend time surfing web sites with the Web Developer extension (either in Firefox or Chrome). Take note of the images you see on web sites and what their file sizes are and start building a sense of appropriate target file sizes based on image type and dimensions.