Your homework for this lesson is to PICK ONE of the TWO following projects.


Create an animated web banner in Flash and optimize it. These are the requirements:

  • dimensions must be exactly 780px wide and at least 240px tall.
  • must include at least 2 symbols: one object (or image) and one text block
  • must include movement (object or text moving smoothly from one position on the screen to another)
  • must include an alpha change (smooth transition in opacity)
  • optimize your file (through the publish settings) to create small file size at reasonable quality
  • Incorporate some creativity

If you author your animation in Adobe Animate (or an earlier version of Flash):

  • Publish your movie so that Animate generates an HTML file and a SFW file
  • or simply export an animated GIF, if that is the format you’re most interested in publishing. Remember that duration of a loop in an animated GIF must only be a handful of seconds or else your file can get quite large.

Submit your file(s) through Blackboard. Note you may have to zip the files.


Compose a cinemagraph from a video.   These are the requirements:

  • Find or record your own video from which you create your cinemagraph.
  • Optimize your cinemagraph as an animated GIF and create small file size at reasonable quality.
  • Submit your final cinemagraph GIF along with a link to the original video in Blackboard. If you shot your own video, load it to Drive or Youtube and share the link.

If you’d like to share what you create with the class on the class website, please do!