Welcome Image

00: Welcome & Introduction

Materials for class 10 Sep 2013

Today is an introduction to the course and an explanation on how to get started setting up your domain, the first assignment.



01: Web Domains & File Management

Materials for class 17 Sep 2013

Let’s start at where it all began. After all, the development of the Internet is what makes it possible for us to even be in this class today.


Color Online

02: Raster Images & Color

Materials for class 24 Sep 2013

How does understanding the technical aspects of images such as format, color, and resolution make you a better web developer?



03: Optimization

Materials for class 01 Oct 2013

Optimizing images for the web is a constant compromise between image quality and image size.



04: Vector Images

Materials for class 8 Oct 2013

Pixels are great for displaying photos, but aren’t a good solution for all graphics.


Design Principles

05: Design Principles

Materials for class 15, 22 Oct 2013

In this lesson we’ll take a step back to think about the context in which design elements fit.


What an average html tag might look like

06: CSS & HTML

Materials for class 29 Oct 2012

The tricky thing about images on the web is that they can’t just look pretty, they must also convey information.



07: Navigation & Sprites

Materials for class 5 Nov 2013

Without links and navigation it would be impossible for use to get around the web and find information.


Intro to Flash

08: Intro to Flash

Materials for class 12 Nov 2013

We’ll begin our study of multimedia with a discussion of animation–making objects move and change on screen.


Flash Continued

09: Flash Continued

Materials for class 19 Nov 2013

The key to using Flash is to enhance communication without gratuitous effects that impede users from finding information quickly.



10: Audio for Web

Materials for class 26 Nov 2013

Web audio has become another method of creating, disseminating, and consuming information for creativity, learning, and entertainment.



11: Intro to Web Video

Materials for class 3 Dec 2013

Optimizing video, as with images and audio, is always a compromise between quality and file size.


12: Web Video Continued

Materials for class 10 Dec 2013

Issues in implementing video on your site. Using YouTube to edit, serve, and manage video.