Below are links, books, and other resources that you will find useful both during and after class.

Browser Extensions

Stock Photography

Free and Open Image, Audio and Video Resources

Copyright and Creative Commons Licensing

Online Image Editors (free and paid)

Desktop Image Editors (commercial and open source)

  • Fireworks – Commercial raster and vector editing software from Adobe. Mac and PC versions are available. Fireworks is no longer in development and now unsupported by Adobe.
  • Photoshop – Commercial industry standard application for images editing. Mac and PC versions are available.
  • Gimp – An open source alternative to Photoshop. Not as full-featured as PS, but still a powerful tool. Available for PC, Mac, Linux, Open Solaris, and FreeBSD.
  • Picasa – Google’s free photo editing software for PC
  • Irfanview – A free editor for PC that supports a wide variety of image formats
  • XNview – A free editor for non-commercial and educational use. Available for PC, Linux, and Mac (available but early in development)

Online Vector Editors (free and paid)

  • Vectr – Free online vector editor (desktop version available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook).

Desktop Vector Editors (commercial and open source)

  • Sketch – Paid commercial vector graphics editor. Mac version only.
  • Illustrator – Paid commercial industry vector graphics editor. Mac and PC versions are available.
  • Inkscape – An open source vector editor for Mac, PC, and Linux

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